Floor Care Solutions

Everything that we use needs care. Similarly, the floors that are the foundation of our houses plays a significant role in the development of maintaining a beautiful home. Therefore, one should also take care of the maintenance of floors. We are here at woodsolutions2010.com.au provides you the best solutions and services that can upkeep your walkways and you may add a touch of elegance to your house. The best services provided by woodsolutions2010.com.au can make your home floors even shinier and furnished.

We work on the sanding, polishing, and polishing of the floors because these three methods are the necessary procedure that improves the durability of the floors.

Sanding is a fundamental step. In this step, first of all, we clear away the old coating with an abrasive material. The rough material is responsible for taking old layers of the floor. Specialized modern sanding machines are used in all modern sanding projects. Edge sanding machine is used to in the sanding of stairs, cabinets, corners and edges.  Belt/drum sanding machine is used to avoid sanding machine marks in the floor. The last is the finishing machine that is used for the final sanding steps.

The other step is polishing. Polishing is done by a method called as feathering. There is a soft rotatory pad that is circular in shape having brushes that restore the actual finish of the floor. Polishing is a second and is as important as the first one. By these process, small microscopic scratches, holes, and dents are filled up, and shine is developed all over the over.

The final step and the most important step of all is oiling; oil has water repellent property that gives a new look to your floor. Oiling is a process that gives perfect shine to the floor. After 6 to 12 months one should oil the floors to make hem ravishing. Oiling is very essential for all types of floors like hardwood floors, marble floors, timber floors, etc.

The wood floor that is on the open side of your house may become faded, less durable as sharp scorching sunlight beams hit the floor, but don’t worry we at woodsolutions2010.com.au provide you all the solutions for your floor care.

Visit woodsolutions2010.com.au now and avail the best services that make your floors shiny. We guarantee you will love whatever the services you get. We serve the best floor services.

Keep your floors clean with effective floor care solutions.