Hiring Commercial Building Painters Steps to Take

Painting a commercial building requires more than just paint and brush. Specialized equipment, training, and technical know-how are needed for one to be able to do a good job. For this reason, it’s advisable to hire only the best to handle all painting jobs on your commercial buildings. Many of these contractors however have an online presence (websites) where you can find them easily. Nevertheless, identifying the right person for the job can be quite tricky. Outlined below are however a few tips and steps to take when looking commercial building painters.

Hiring Commercial Building Painters Steps to Take

Step 1 Have the building inspected

As mentioned earlier, having a commercial building painted requires more than just hiring a painter. First, the building needs to be examined to identify possible problems, as well as ensure no erroneous decisions are made. Other factors such as the size of the project, potential problem areas, and what federal law dictates about painting a commercial building need to be put into consideration as well. If unsure of this, you can have an attorney help review the inspection report.


Step 2 Find a qualified commercial painter

Next, you need to look for and identify potential candidates for the job. While your friends and acquaintances can help with referrals, you still have to look into each candidate before making the final decision. Searching online, in the yellow pages, and other business directories can help you find more potential candidates for the job. Some of the important factors to consider when interviewing these candidates include experience, past performances, licensure, insurance, and financial stability among others.


Step 3 Hire based on expertise and not price

In the attempt to win the contract, most candidates will quote very low prices in their bids. As tempting as it may be to hire a cheap contractor, all the factors outlined above have to be considered and followed to the letter. Each potential candidate should portray ability and willingness to provide the best quality service possible. Aside from professional qualifications, the contractor should have all the necessary required equipment for the job. Only candidates with all the necessary equipment, or a way to source them should be considered for the job. Price factor should come last once all these are fulfilled.


Step 4 Have a contract ready

Once certain about a contractor, you can then move to the next step – finalizing the deal. Have an agreement drafted outlining all the necessities and requirements from both parties. The contract should describe the client’s expectations, as well as the contractor’s expectations too. Amounts payable should be included in the contract too. Both you and the contractor should sign the contract, with each having higher copy.


Picking one contractor out of several commercial building painters isn’t always an easy job. While the contractor must meet all qualifications, he/she needs to understand the local painting code in the area. This is one of the reasons why experts recommend hiring locally. Be sure to ask for a service guarantee before signing the contract. This is the only way you can protect yourself should the contractor do a low-quality job.