What’s The Right Floor For Your Home?

The Right Floor For Your Home

Are you building a new home or thinking about renovating your home? Have you thought about the flooring options available to you? Well, with the help floormania.com.au, you should find the perfect flooring your home. Here is a summary of the options available to help you choose the best.

  1. Hardwood

Many homeowners often prefer solid timber flooring because they are durable, feel natural and warm. Of the hardwood options, oak is always the most preferable option but other available options include Brazilian cherry, Tasmanian oak or cherry. They come in various styles such as parquet, plank or prefinished boards where you can personally install them in your home.

  1. Laminate And Engineered Wood Floors

It’s one of the common flooring options because it is easy to install than hardwood and also cheaper. They are composed of different wood based materials which are either laminated or layered. Additionally, they are topped up with a grain photographic imprint on every board. Another variation is the engineered wood floors. Here, the real hardwood veneer is attached to a number of plywood layers. Therefore, it is more expensive than laminate the top layer is real wood rather than a photographic imprint.

  1. Bamboo Floors

Unlike hardwood floors, bamboo floors are made from lightweight woody grass and not actual trees. Bamboo is a fast growing and regenerating plant with the tensile strength of steel. Therefore, the floors are highly durable, resist swelling or contraction with any changes in humidity. These floors are engineered and pre-finished with tongue and groove joints, exactly like solid wood floors. Bamboo is grown in controlled forests and takes about half a decade to reach maturity compared to other hardwood options that take at least 120 years to mature.

  1. Cork Floors

It is a green floor alternative, just like bamboo. It has a honeycomb-like structure which makes the floor a cushiony feeling underfoot. These floors have distinctive features, allowing them to absorb sound and vibrations. Additionally, they can bounce back effortlessly when dented. It is available in pre-finished tiles with various finishes. They have a nonslip natural surface making it ideal for areas like the bathroom or kitchen.

  1. Linoleum Floors

It has become quite popular because it is a green flooring option, since it is made from natural materials which don’t deplete forests. Linoleum is made from rosins, linseed oil or wood floor. There are no health issues associated with the production of linoleum floors, installation, use and disposal. The floors have bactericidal properties that prevent any multiplication or microorganisms. Linoleum floors are often found in hospitals. These floors are also antistatic so they reduce the potential for electric shock. They are also water, scratch and ding-resistant. That makes them easy to clean, provide a comfortable underfoot and are available in various colors and patterns.

When choosing the right flooring for your home, you need the best contractor for installation. Therefore, you need to find one who is experience, reputable, licensed, certified and affordable. That way, you can rest assured you’re getting durable flooring for your home.